Why Abraham?

In many ways, Abraham lived one of the most inspiring lives of faith recorded in the Bible. By faith, Abraham trusted God with everything! His story begins in Genesis 12 where he receives a word from God to leave his native land to go to another, new land God had in store for him. Here he was living in the familiar, and then God came into the picture and presented him with a vision. Without hesitation, it says “So Abram went, as the LORD had told him.”

What a crazy ride Abraham was in for! With the call from God to move to a new land, God promised him that he was going to “make him into a great nation, and bless him.” Later on, Abraham certainly had to be overjoyed to see that God was faithful in his promise with the birth of his son, Isaac. Yet, doubt certainly crept in when God told him he would need to sacrifice his only son. Fess up, after all those years of waiting how many of us would be willing to sacrifice the one son God had promised us? But Abraham learned a lesson that Jesus taught later in the Bible (See Luke 10:27): that God wants wholehearted faith and obedience. In the end, Abraham lived his life in pursuit of God and he was provided for.

Many times in my brief time as a father I don’t know what to do. Do I speak up? How do shepherd my children’s heart? What is the best way to lead my family spiritually? As dads who want to lead families that honor and trust God there will be times when God wants you to go from one place to another. It may be familiar; it may be unknown. It may be physical move (like Abraham) or it may be a spiritual move. God may be prompting you to be more patient. He may be teaching you how to cultivate your children’s creative interests. He may be telling you to just have fun and laugh with your kids. Whatever the move looks like, let’s learn a little from Abraham and live lives in pursuit of the One who provides all our needs.