OC12: No Expectations

Uh huh!

“No expectations.” ~ Me, right now.

As I sit here listening to the hilarious entertainment at the start of the Orange Conference, I wanted to set expectations that there are no expectations these next few days.

I remain expectant (does that mean I’m contradicting myself?) that God is going to bring out some solid truths during the conference sessions.

I’m excited to participate, blog, listen, take notes, and… hopefully… pass along some of my takeaways with you.

Thank you for reading… and stay tuned!

(For the record, they did “covers” of Eminem (Middle School), The Righteous Brothers (Senior Pastors), Adele (Children’s Ministry), Aerosmith, Bonnie Tyler (parking lot workers), and Bon Jovi (volunteers) — all with funny lyrics detailing out what people’s “true” feelings are about these ministry areas.)

On a side note, immediately following these performances there was a killer “Because He Lives” (Bill Gaither) / Blessed Assurance (Fanny Crosby) /Revive Us Again (William Mackay) choir-cover. If it’s ever posted online, it will be a must watch (bound to give goosebumps!).


Tell me about a time you expected “no expectations”.


I am honored to be blogging for The Orange Conference this week. Thank you for reading and following along on Twitter (@dustinv, #thinkorange, #oc12)!


  • Luther Wesley

    April 26, 2012

    I don’t recall having no expectations…I don’t think so anyway.

  • ThatGuyKC

    April 26, 2012

    That’s awesome, Dustin! Excited to follow along with you and a little jealous.

    • Dustin

      May 4, 2012

      Come over next year. It will be EPIC!


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