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The Response

While I’m out this week, I’ve lined up some serious ‘guest posters’ this week. I’ve gotten to know Justin Falls over the last year via blogging, HeyTell messages, and even over Skype one time. He is a listener, writer, photographer, and advocate for the abused and neglected. He writes from the perspective of the brokenhearted, and communicates hope through still images. Justin, his wife, Lynnette, and their two sons live in beautiful Northern California. Connect with him on Twitter and his blog.

When someone is angry, do you respond….

 with anger?

with hate?

with judgment?

with criticism?

with malice?

with sarcasm?

with evil?

with spite?

In my life, I have responded to anger – with all of the above.

….but those reactions drive a wedge.

In my life, I will respond with love. Not because I should or because I’m prompted to by a good friend.

I will respond with love only because…I have been responded to – with love.

For there are no other reasons why I should.

Why is it important – or not important to respond with love?

A Holy Obsession

Today I have the pleasure of guest posting over at Arny Sanchez’ blog: The Analogous Truth.

Arny and I have connected over the last couple months via blogging, and I’ve come to appreciate the ways he’s encourage me (whether it’s through a comment or his blog posts). He blogs about finding God in the ‘everyday’ and has a humorous way of doing so!

Be sure to check out the post and give him a little “love” in the comments. Play nice!

Oh… if you click over, you’ll read about a recent television show that my wife and I have obsessed about. Check it out!

Traveling With Kids

Today I have the honor of having K.C. Proctor guest post on Abraham Chronicles. He’s family man who has a unique passion for blogging, social media, photography, and good tastin’ BBQ. Oh, he’s also been accused of starting Ninja Wars. KC blogs at SomeWiseGuy and tweets @ThatGuyKC. Be sure to show him some love in the comments!

I’m not what you would call a world traveler.
I’ve never visited a foreign country (if you live in Seattle then Canada doesn’t count) and I don’t even have a passport. GASP!

That being said I have flown a fair amount around the U.S. for a 28 year old and have at least had a layover in almost every single one of the 50 states.

However, this past weekend I entered a new domain.
Traveling with children.

Thanks to a generous gift from Nanny (a.k.a. my mom) we had the opportunity to visit my extended family in New Jersey and take a day trip to New York City (the pizza alone was worth it). While I was excited for LK & the kids to meet my aunts, uncles and cousins for the first time, I was more than a little concerned about how 4 year old EJ would do on her first airplane ride.

Photo credit: Frans Persoon (Creative Commons)

4 Essentials for Traveling with kids

Overall we had a great trip by keeping these tips in mind.


It’s always first, right? Regardless of where you’re going or the reason for the trip, getting everyone to the destination and back home in one piece is the ultimate goal. In the airport or crowded places make sure Mom & Dad have a firm grip on each kid. If you have more kids than collective hands (5+) the create a chain with the oldest on the end. Also, have kids wear bright colored shirts so they stand out.


Have you ever tried to keep a toddler (or any kid for that matter) occupied for more than 30 minutes? How’d that go? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Try a non-stop 5 hour flight cramped on a metal tube 30,000 feet in the air with a needy kid on either side. Books, dolls, coloring, toys, daddy’s iPhone, or even an in flight movie. Whatever it takes to entertain them is worth the preservation of your sanity.


Free (non-alcoholic) drinks are provided on the plane. Kids get hungry at weird times, don’t realize they’re hungry or will say they need sustenance at the most inopportune times. Pack some granola bars, fruit snacks, cookies, crackers or basically whatever will be semi-resistant to crushing and not take up a lot of space in your carry-on. Added bonus of packing some grub beforehand, you don’t blow their college fund on two Snickers and a bag of beef jerky at the gate.


What’s a trip across the country without a trinket to remember it by? Right, lame. Here’s the kicker though. Let them pick it. As parents we’re inclined to persuade a kid to pick something representative of the trip. Guess what? The kids don’t care. Each of our kids have a funny looking bouncy ball from visiting the Jersey shore (no, we did not see Snooki) and they’re happy. Mission accomplished.


What countries have you visited?
How young were your kids the first time they flew?

Fathering Daughters: Guest Post

Today, I am honored to guest post on Matthew Snider’s blog “Geek for Him“. A while back Matthew reached out to me with an idea. He was going to start a series on “Dad’s with daughters”. Each week he would feature a dad who was flyin’ solo at the homestead. That’s right, we are raising only daughters. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to help him out. With three precious angels of my own, I would love to impart any knowledge I can to other parents.

My “fathering” is a work-in-progress most of the time. While that is often the case, there is one thing I am certain about: I am uniquely equipped to raise these three beauties. I wholeheartedly believe that.

So, head over to Matthew’s blog and show him some love in the comments. Thanks!


A Link To Enjoy

Last minute, for today’s post I decided to switch things up and just share a friend’s post. If you didn’t read on Monday, Moe guest blogged here on AC. Today on his blog he shared something I felt was spot on: as part of his “The Usual Suspects” Friday series, he spotlights none other than Jesus–the reason why we’re all here in the first place.

Be sure to click on over and check it out. Bookmark it, print it out, and post it on your bathroom mirror. Here is a snippet…

Today’s usual suspect is the reason why there are any suspects at all. Without Him there would be no you. He is the reason for existence. The reason why we can read this text on this blog. Without Him there wouldn’t’ be a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Without Him there would be no beauty, no hope, no love, no faith! Who is He? None other than Jesus.

Continue reading…

Enjoy your weekend folks.

The TV Stand: A 21st Century War Story

Today I have the honor of having Moe Vivas guest post on Abraham Chronicles. I’ve gotten to know Moe over the last few months through the interwebs, and I can say with certainty that he is on my “have a cup of coffee with before I die list”. Moe blogs and tweets like a professional (yes, a professional tweeter). He’s an Apple fanboy, loves his family, and has quite a way with making you laugh with the written word. Be sure to show him some love in the comments!

I never really understood how difficult it was to build furniture. When you see it on display in the store, you think “that looks easy”. But that’s not always true. A few years ago, I purchased a TV stand. What I didn’t know was how difficult it was to build something that looked so simple.

From the time I could stand, I was baptized in the fire of combat. I was taught never to retreat, never to surrender. I had learned that death on the battlefield was the greatest glory I could achieve in my life. I was taught to show no pain, no mercy. I was constantly tested, tossed into tough situations. Left to pit my wits and will against any enemy, be it toys, animals, or in this case…a TV stand.

I opened the box and sorted out the materials. I begin picking up pieces and adding a screw here and there. I moved carefully around its sharp edges to avoid any injuries. Too late, one of my hands was scratched with a screw. “Battle scars” I whisper to myself. No good war is ever fought without scars.

My eyes are focused as the small furniture begins bearing shape. Don’t let progress fool you; it still had fight in it. It begins to get wobbly. I take a few steps back and drops of sweat begin to fall from my brow. My hands are steady, swinging the wrench from one hand to the other, slowly striking when I see an opening. It begins to submit to me, It forms… It’s done. It’s perfect!

I raise my weary arms in victory and manage to find enough strength to yell out, “It is finished!”

I get some Iced tea and being to stare down my beaten opponent. Then I begin to see an unfamiliar sight. One of the wooden pieces was screwed with the unfinished side of the wood towards the front.

“It is mocking me”, I said to myself.

I tried to loosen a screw here and there and turn the piece around, but I wasn’t successful. I had to take it all apart and start the war again. All because I didn’t read the manual. It took me another 2 hours to put it together right the second time around.

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

We make a mess out of things because we often forget to go to the manual. God’s word is our manual. With it, we are complete. Without it, we are like a fine piece of furniture with the unfinished side to the front.

What part of you is showing its unfinished side?

What is the manual (God’s word) telling you to do today?

Who Will Vouch For Me?

Today I have the honor of having Ben Nunes guest post on Abraham Chronicles. He is the epitome of a family man and I even had the excellent privilege of meeting him for a cup of ‘joe last week. Ben blogs and tweets his heart on his sleeve. He hangs with middle schoolers, loves his wife and kids, and apparently makes a mean hamburger. Be sure to show him some love in the comments!

I loved the show Friday Night Lights. It’s a good wholesome TV show about the life of Coach Taylor and football in the semi-fictitious city of Dillon, Texas. Honestly, I can say it will be a TV series that will be one of my forever favorites. Along with 24 and Lost.

One of the episodes in its final season depicted a young man “Riggins” who was up for parole. The reason why he was in jail is an entirely different story in itself, but let’s just say he didn’t deserve to be where he was. So Riggins had Coach Taylor, and a family friend testify on Riggins behalf, so that he could get paroled. A third person, his brother, who happened to be the reason why he was locked away to begin with, gave a pretty shaky testimony as well.

Long story short, it was enough to get him paroled.

This episode, along with many others places a tension within the viewer that seemed to almost always hit pretty close to home. Here was Riggins, not even knowing if anybody was going to show up to vouch for his character so that he could end his sentence.

Although I’m very glad I will (hopefully) never be in a position like Riggins here on earth, I’m even more glad I won’t have to worry about The One who will vouch for me when it comes to Heaven.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)

While we were still sinners. What the…

We didn’t have to do anything for God to send His Son down for our salvation, and we are most certainly not going to get into Heaven on good behavior.

He sent His Son, in spite of our actions, because He loved us. Get that?

Out of Love.

His Love.

His most perfect, unconditional, Love.

Do you have anybody this side of Heaven that you would vouch for?

Do you like Friday Night Lights?

The Unrecognized Hero

This VM commercial went viral a few days before the Super Bowl. It aired yesterday during the second quarter, but it had well over 11 million views as of Saturday evening. Crazy!

It seems to pull all the right strings: clever and original idea, kid in a Vader costume, and some real-life tension of trying to do something and it not working out. To top it off, Dad comes to the rescue!

What is heartwarming about this brief, 1-minute story is that the father is the unrecognized hero.

In the end, as parents, will we be okay with becoming unrecognized heros to our children?

We do many things to raise our children: We train. We equip. We discipline. We demonstrate. We model. We love. What if, down the road, we don’t necessarily get credit for all of this? What if our “sacrifice” is never acknowledged? Will we be okay with that?

In a selfish way, I want the beneficiary (my children) to see that the benefactor (me) is actively working in their lives. The fact of the matter is this: maybe, just maybe, it won’t be until later on in life where they see the positive impact that Christ (through me) has made in their lives.

I recognize, as a parent, that the majority of our “work” is camouflaged, behind the scenes. The more I think about it, that may be the best place for us to be–in the wings and out of the way, so the glory can be given to the One who deserves it.

When I examine our family right now, here are a few examples of the “work” that Jen and I cherish:

  1. Serving others – allowing them to be present in the times we serve others: having them come along as we bring meals to friends/families, committing to pray for others as a family, etc.
  2. Filling our house with Scripture – constantly reminding them that God’s word is powerful and transforming: writing scripture on their bathroom mirror, making magnetic refrigerator cards, surrounding them with Bible verses put to songs, reading the Word daily, etc.
  3. Being present – understanding that the investment of our time in our marriage and children is one of the most powerful, and unspoken indicators of our faith: being available to seize teachable moments, share in laughter, capture memories, and model discipline.

Do you have an “unrecognized hero” story? If this was you, would you be okay with that?

Phil Dunphy, Yo!

I love Modern Family. It’s a refreshing comedy that details the everyday life, struggles and wins of a family that despite their obvious differences, choose to stand together. My wife Jen gets a kick out of Cam and Manny. Me personally, I’m a Phil guy. He’s your typical suburban, real estate dad that loves his wife and kids. He’s clumsy, sensitive and is always trying to fit in.

To be quite honest, when I’m with my family I feel like I channel Phil all the time. What is my “Dunphy-ism”? My wife would say that I’m goofy even though I’m not trying to be. For example, she laughs at the way I dance with our girls. Apparently I’m like Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, but minus the rhythm and swanky hair. So, basically I’m Chris Farley. Want proof? Check this out.

While it’s fun to goof off and relate to your kids in in creative ways, we must not forget the the great responsibility we have as parents to speak life into our children. What does this look like? For me lately it has involved extending grace to my 3 year old. As her father I want to communicate God’s truths to her right now, even in her young age. I’ve also been reminded lately about how God views my children. They are more than the nicknames we call them; they were created with a purpose, to live a life that brings Him glory.

What is a “Dunphy-ism” that you can relate to? In what ways do you ‘speak life’ into your children?

A Letter From Dad To Son

This note was found at my parents’ house a little while back. There was no date on it, but it had to be while I was in college getting ready to go on one of my trips to Amsterdam with the college ministry I was involved with at the time.

Two things that strike me: 1) I get my handwriting gene from my Dad, and 2) This made my day. I hope my children will find things like this from me when they’re older.

It made me think: how do we speak truth into our childrens’ lives? Through actions, words, notes, etc? Have you received something like this from a parent?

Note: This was first posted on our family blog. Felt it was more appropriate here.