Let’s do this dad thing together, ok? To be quite honest, that is the heart behind this site. Let’s learn how to do awesome thing we call ‘fatherhood’ the right way. The way God meant for us show love to our kids.

The reality is this: sometimes being a dad can be tough. But, the fact of the matter is this: you can be a great dad. It doesn’t take much. You have a story; I have a story. We want to create, build and enhance better stories in our children. We want to have fun with our kids. We want to show them the lasting love of Jesus. How do we do this? Let’s pursue love. Individually, let’s pursue Jesus with everything we’ve got. Let’s pursue our wives, and show our little ones what Paul meant when he said, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church…” Let’s pursue our kids with attentiveness – present, engaged, showing them what the love of Jesus looks like on a daily basis. In the end, let’s live lives in pursuit of Greatness.

So, we’ve built Abraham Chronicles as a community to connect, collaborate, and converse with other dads — dads who don’t have everything together. I’ll start: I’m a mess. I’m selfish, patience-deprived, and unengaged at times. I do a lot of things right, but on the other hand can do many things much, much better. But, this whole dad-thing is a process, right? My hope is that over time we can learn together, share together, and be inspired together to be great dads!

Next, what’s with the name? Read about it here. I promise, there’s a story behind that.

Who am I? My name is Dustin and I’m from Atlanta, GA. I’m fascinated by this whole blogging-thing, and love to connect to new people through the interwebs. I created this site as a way for me to chronicle some of the learnings that I’ve learned (and am learning) as a dad. I am married to Jen who is an amazing wife and supports me in everythig I do. We have three girls (Sophia, Olivia and Harper). I love my family!

As you may uncover through some (okay, most) of the posts, I love Jesus. Yes, being a dad is easier when you’re learning from other dads around you, but it is extraordinarily better when you look to your heavenly Father for wisdom and support. Like I said earlier, I don’t have everything together… but I’m thankful that He does.

I grew up in southern California, moved to Atlanta, Georgia right before high school. We love it here. I went to the University of Georgia–did the business thing, and currently work full-time (typical day-job) in sales. Pretty sweet setup, yet a particular interest of mine lies with technology and social media. I’m thankful that my current work situation gives me the flexibility to do things like this. In the end, what I’m really passionate about: investing in my family, serving in the local church, and utilizing technology to connect people. Now you know a little bit about me. Let me know about you!


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